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Important Message About Advanced Colloidal Silver

Did you know that our dietary supplement “Advanced Colloidal Silver”, taken according to suggested servings, contains less than one third the amount of the mineral silver referenced by the EPA for drinking water standards. Utopia Silver’s suggested one-teaspoon per day serving contains approximately 100 micrograms of silver. The Environmental Protection Agency’s daily reference dose of silver is 350 micrograms. That equates to about three and one half teaspoons of our Advanced Colloidal Silver.

Silver may be the only substance that has a reference dose not based on an adverse health effect and for which the EPA removed the maximum silver contaminate level for drinking water. This action was obviously driven by the recognized low or non-toxicity associated with this mineral. As far as any claimed toxicity is concerned, drinking water is allowed to have three and one half times as much silver for average daily consumption as a serving of Advanced Colloidal Silver provides. You can be assured, you are perfectly safe in using this dietary supplement, even up to three and one half times for any purpose or for any use you choose. By inference, if it is safe to drink from the public water supplies of America, it is also safe to use our Advanced Colloidal Silver in its suggested servings.

You may ask: How can such a small amount of silver have a positive effect within the body? The secret is in the infinitesimal size of the silver particles. A billion of these particles could sit side by side on a cross section of human hair. The reason it works so well is that such a large percentage of the surface area of silver atoms are exposed to the body’s fluid environment, allowing these tiny particles to penetrate even the deepest tissues of the body and thereby boosting the immune system. These silver nano-particles are smaller than any blood cell, bacteria, fungus spore, or even virus. This is the key to the effectiveness of Advanced Colloidal Silver and the primary reason a 20 ppm silver product is all that is required to do the job.

According to research referenced on this website, silver inhibits the growth of one-celled micro-organisms by deactivating the organism’s oxygen metabolism enzymes. This action in turn, destroys the organism’s cell membranes, stopping the replication of the organism’s DNA.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not given approval for any statements, information, or opinions on this website concerning dietary supplements. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease.

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