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About Bill Mack

Bill Mack PictureFor the last many years, I had recurring sinus congestion, which would progress into bronchitis and require frequent throat clearing and other discomfort of that nature. Sometimes, I would even lose my voice from these infections. It seemed no matter what the doctors would do, it kept coming back. Several years ago, I ran into colloidal silver on the internet and started taking it, just a few teaspoons a day. My sinuses have become normal again and I have no such problems anymore. 

If you listen to some of my older rerun shows, you can hear the old hoarseness and scratchiness. "Thanks to colloidal silver, that problem has been cleared. Check it out on my daily programs on XM Satellite Radio's Channel 171!"

Sweet Cindy, my beautiful wife, and I take Life-Solution every day. Life-Solution is a combination of the colloidal silver which saved my voice, (Advanced Colloidal Silver) and Colloidal Gold. Colloidal Gold helps keep our bodies pain free and our emotions calm and steady. I highly recommend these fine products.

Nobody in broadcasting has a more recognizable voice than Bill Mack.  He has been heard on radio  - - - seen on television - - - heard on records and featured in various publications for years.

Bill has been closely associated with the truckers and millions of other listeners via his radio programs out of the Fort Worth-Dallas Metroplex since 1969, broadcasting during the wee hours of the morning and keeping the world company with his music and chit-chat that has allowed him to be featured in more publications and to win more awards than any other country music DJ.. in the world. 

He has been honored as the “Country Music DJ.. Of-The-Year”, “Mr. DJ.. USA”, “Texas’ Number One Country DJ..” (for over 30 years) and the super honor:  He is a member of the "Country Music DJ.. Hall-Of-Fame" in Nashville.

In 1999,  Bill was placed in “The Texas Country Music Hall-of-Fame” and “The Texas Country Music Disk Jockey Hall-of-Fame”, both at the same awards banquet, and was in nomination for the prestigious “Marconi Award” in Orlando, Florida.

In 2000, Bill was given the “Media” award for broadcasting by his peers and the members of the world-famous “Grand Ole Opry” in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bill has been hosting “Country Crossroads” on radio (now heard on over 800 outlets) since it began in October, 1969 and has been hosting “Country Crossroads” on FamilyNet Cable TV since 1993, a real honor for him.

Bill is also recognized as one of the better songwriters in the nation.  His compositions have been recorded by over 60 artists … including Dean Martin, Ray Price, Jerry Lee Lewis, George Jones and dozens of other top names in country music. 

He is now a member of the most cherished “Million-Air Club”.  No, that doesn’t indicate he’s a millionaire financially.  It represents the fact his composition, “DRINKING CHAMPAGNE”, has been played over a million times on-the-air (radio & television).  George Strait’s recording of the song won Bill a Platinum Album … because the Texan sold over a million copies of the tune.

His biggest moment in music came in 1997 when his song, “BLUE”, made LeAnn Rimes a star and he won a Grammy when it was voted “The Country Song Of The Year”, the highest honor that can be bestowed on a songwriter.

Adding to the honor, Bill received the American Flag that was flown over The United States Capitol representing him on the day he received his Grammy

The Honorable Kay Granger, Member of Congress, presented it to him.

“BLUE” was also responsible for Bill winning statuettes and trophies as Song-Of-The-Year at The Academy Of Country Music in L.A. and “Country-Weekly’s Golden Pick Award”.  The album, “BLUE”, by LeAnn Rimes, has broken all records … remaining in the Top 10 best-seller charts for over 90 weeks.  It has sold over 10 million copies and is still selling hot.  A Multi-Platinum record hangs on his wall for “BLUE”.

On June 4, 2003, Bill received a tremendous birthday gift when "BLUE" was selected as one of the TOP 100 COUNTRY SONGS of-all-time by CMT!

Another of Bill’s songs recorded by LeAnn Rimes, “CLINGING TO A SAVING HAND”, is in her “Inspirational Songs” album, which has also sold several millions. This gospel favorite has also been recorded by Connie Smith, Conway Twitty, Bill Monroe and dozens of other great artists.

One of his most cherished gifts:  A Lunar Bible from the Apollo XIV, the first lunar module to land on the moon on February 5, 1971.

Also of great importance is the fact the “Wives of the Truckers” presented him with a special award saying they had voted him “their favorite ‘radio personality’.”

Bill is the only disk jockey to be made an "Honorary Member of the Teamsters."

He has received keys to various cities, there have been two “Bill Mack Days” in his city of Fort Worth, The Governor of Kentucky proclaimed him a  Kentucky Colonel and, now, there is “Bill Mack Street” in his hometown, Shamrock, Texas.

Bill has signed a multi-year contract with XM SATELLITE RADIO where his  programs are now heard stronger than ever before on "Open-Road", Channel 171 ... everyday from 12:00 Noon until 4:00 p.m., "live".  The programs are repeated from 8:00 p.m. until Midnight (Eastern Time).

Disclaimer: The FDA has not given approval for any statements, information, or opinions on this website concerning dietary supplements. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease.

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