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Bill Mack, Willie, & BioDiesel  vs. Fossil Fuel


Bill Mack and Trucker's Complete are supporting BioDiesel’s education of the American Trucking Industry in an effort to encourage conversion from air polluting fossil fuels to cleaner burning vegetable oils raised by American farmers.

By talking to truckers and giving advocates such as country music singer Willie Nelson air time, Bill has opened the airways to this very important issue. This XM Satellite airtime has enabled Willie to talk one on one with independent truckers about the advantages and importance of Biodiesel while they're driving down America's highways. This powerful medium of information has allowed Willie to reach out to most of the nation's truckers and ask for their help in giving Biodiesel a try. 

Although this information battle has only begun, the results are already beginning to be seen. It is a war that must first be waged and won in the hearts and minds of America's Independent Trucker's. It is they who understand better than any what is at stake here. Every time they stop at a fuel pump they experience the loss of income to the high cost and dependence on foreign oil that has a strangle hold on America's economic life. 

As well as being more environment friendly by helping clean up America's air, BioDiesel also gives the American farmer an opportunity to return their farms to profitability and may even be a major factor in turning the tide of the loss of family farming to agricultural mega-corporations.

This snowball may be small today, but it is rolling downhill and with Bill Mack in support of Willie Nelson, it will only get bigger. This partnership of good friends in a common cause is enabling Biodiesel to get its toe into the biggest diesel market door in the USA.

We ask that anyone driving a diesel powered vehicle, whether it's a Mercedes Benz or an Eighteen Wheeler, please consider supporting this worthy cause by converting to BioDiesel.


Thanks For Your Support,

The "Trucker's Complete" Crew


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