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Bill Mack & Willie Nelson at Carl's [Cornelius] Corner, Texas

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Bill Mack

& Trucker's Complete

XM Satellite




dscf0097.jpg (37698 bytes)

Bill Mack onstage making introductions.

dscf0037.jpg (47110 bytes)

Texas Red,

XM Satellite's

"Zedeco Cowboy" waiting to go live.

dscf0072.jpg (47903 bytes)

Steve Gilcrest taking a break from the alligators, driving OOIDA's NASCAR.

dscf0039.jpg (70489 bytes)

Jay and Ricky listen in on Benjamin telephone conversation with Evin.

dscf0094.jpg (52561 bytes)

XM Satellite DJ, Heidi Selexa & BillMack's daughter, Misty

dscf0090.jpg (54653 bytes)

America's first All BioDiesel Truck Stop, Carl's Corner, Texas.

dscf0041.jpg (53042 bytes)

Jay, Cherie, 

& Ricky Jones

dscf0105.jpg (29116 bytes)

Bill & Denny Fernald with Texas Red.

dscf0006.jpg (39629 bytes)

Willie never seems to slow down.

More Bill Mack

Kinky's Kampaign

More BioDiesel

dscf0005.jpg (84983 bytes)

Jay talks about Trucker's Complete while Benjamin looks for change.

dscf0077.jpg (56658 bytes)

Kinky will do almost anything to get elected Governor of Texas.

dscf0067.jpg (43670 bytes)

Willie's BioDiesel Art. Even Michaelangelo would envy this work.

img_2391.jpg (67166 bytes)

Jay Jones, Bill Mack, Ben & Benjamin Taylor, the Complete marketing team.

dscf0035.jpg (69429 bytes)

Kinky's Komandos

dscf0088.jpg (27279 bytes)

Willie's BioDiesel storage tank.

dscf0021.jpg (45128 bytes)

Cherie & Ricky Jones with Billl Mack in the Texas Roadhouse Cafe, but without Carl.

dscf0108.jpg (48022 bytes)

Trucker's Complete, Ben Taylor & Govenor -in-training Kinky Friedman, but no Don Imus.

dscf0093.jpg (43242 bytes)

F 250 BioDiesel Ford




img_2431.jpg (51062 bytes)

Bill swapping stories with friends, with Cindy and Denny looking on.

dscf0107.jpg (43457 bytes)

Kinky Friedman discusses policy with news reporters.

dscf0113.jpg (36605 bytes)

Bio Jima II


dscf0018.jpg (63061 bytes)

Bill Mack discusses  Trucker's Complete 

with Larry Kauer and other trucker friends.

dscf0034.jpg (67821 bytes)

Kinky's Komandos II.


dscf0026.jpg (57295 bytes)

Bill Mack, in the middle of trucker friends signing autographs.

dscf0106.jpg (48133 bytes)

Now Kinky's talking BioDiesel with the Dallas Morning News.

Pauline Reese More of Governor Kinkster


Aloe Vera

dscf0080.jpg (61390 bytes)

Country singer Pauline Reese in Carl's Corner Truck Stop and Store.

dscf0109.jpg (49489 bytes)

I think she's voting Independent.


dscf0031.jpg (58860 bytes)

George's Aloe Vera National Sales Director Karen Kildall & friend.

(nice shirt, ...his)

dscf0079.jpg (44178 bytes)

Pauline Reese signing a blouse, or is it a gift from a fan? ...or maybe John gave it to her.

dscf0076.jpg (63944 bytes)

We already know who she's voting for.


dscf0083.jpg (53343 bytes)

Willie's treatment for solar stupidity aka sunburn. Riding with the top down seemed like a good idea at the time.

dscf0078.jpg (50425 bytes)


 signing autographs at Carl's checkout counter.

We would like to express our thanks to Carl Cornelius and Steve Gilcrest for putting together and running an enjoyable event,

dscf0030.jpg (61373 bytes)

Karen and Toni with George's Aloe Vera.


dscf0004.jpg (32481 bytes)

Willie who? I want Pauline's autograph.

 regardless of being up to their belt buckles in alligators. 

Thanks also for putting up with Trucker's Complete

on your front lot.

dscf0082.jpg (54119 bytes)

Willie- still offering George's Aloe Vera 

to sunburned customers.

dscf0005.jpg (41230 bytes)

Isn't the only autograph

on a one dollar bill supposed to be the Secretary of the Treasury?


...and contrary to rumor, the heat was not planned by Carl to sell more beer.



dscf0043.jpg (70814 bytes)

Waiting for a driver. Karen never showed up, ...but we can't expect a New Yorker to get out in the Texas heat,

can we?

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