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Bill Mack and Willie Nelson at Grand Opening of Willie's Place Theater at Carl's Corner Truck Stop

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Bill Mack

& Trucker's Complete


1st Annual Chili 

& BBQ Cookoff



& Concert

dscf0009.jpg (74658 bytes)

Bill Mack 

XM Radio's "Satellite Cowboy" waiting for the green flag.

dscf0065.jpg (80084 bytes)

Chili Cookoff- Get Cha Sum Cowgirl Chili here, cooked by entrants Teresa, Christal, & Julie. (Phone #'s unknown, so don't ask.)

dscf0069.jpg (31295 bytes)

The Eyes of Willie Are Upon You...

dscf0025.jpg (65060 bytes)

" Trucker's Complete" Benjamin Taylor 

& Jay Jones, with ex-trucker Ricky Jones looking on.

dscf0061.jpg (44963 bytes)

Tabulating judges scorecards.


dscf0066.jpg (51162 bytes)

Willie's bus refuels with BioDiesel.

dscf0027.jpg (51212 bytes)

 Bill and Denise Fernald, Utopia Silver founders, enjoying the heat.

dscf0056.jpg (41931 bytes)

BBQ, win, place or show; not sure which.

dscf0085.jpg (52945 bytes)

Waiting for Willie at Willie's Place Theater entrance.

img_2390.jpg (44911 bytes)

Bill Mack with Ben Taylor, Trucker's Complete Managing Partner.

dscf0064.jpg (45147 bytes)

"Best Overall" Cookoff Winner.

dscf0098.jpg (39117 bytes)

Janie Fricke opening for Willie.

dscf0012.jpg (55888 bytes)

Evin Taylor & Denny Fernald watch Bill Mack driving the OOIDA NASCAR simulator.

dscf0055.jpg (45027 bytes)

In the shade at the BBQ & Chili Cookoff.

dscf0118.jpg (49873 bytes)

Willie on stage

at Carl's Corner

img_2420.jpg (44571 bytes)

Bill Mack gives his personal Utopia Silver testimony.

dscf0048.jpg (59991 bytes)

The South or is it Southern Comfort (on the table), 

will rise again.

dscf0119.jpg (53777 bytes)

Jody, Willie, and Band at the Theater

in Carl's Corner.

dscf0022.jpg (54454 bytes)

Cherie & Ricky Jones with Bill Mack & Carl Cornelius. (FYI- It's not what you think. Carl has an index finger missing and is saying that

Bill Mack is #1. )

dscf0044.jpg (54897 bytes)

Cookoff Awards 1

dscf0002.jpg (35565 bytes)

Willie must have a new guitar somewhere. He was seen playing this one at the Armadillo World HQ in 1973.

img_2473.jpg (188224 bytes)

Bill autographing a fan's bottle of Trucker's Complete.

dscf0059.jpg (63055 bytes)

Get Cha Sum Cowgirl Beans, 1st Place.

dscf0117.jpg (47856 bytes)

Willie and Family on RFD TV

dscf0096.jpg (37309 bytes)

Bill Mack on RFD TV

dscf0045.jpg (53774 bytes)

Cookoff Awards 2

dscf0116.jpg (44054 bytes)

Guarding the door for Carl & Willie.

dscf0019.jpg (93403 bytes)

I may be a trucker's best friend, but no you can't have my blue cap.

dscf0046.jpg (65797 bytes)

Cookoff Awards 3


dscf0071.jpg (42496 bytes)

Does anybody wonder where Carl came up with the notion to put a tractor-trailer up there with a bunch of frogs?

More Bill Mack

Hanging Out

at Hank's Place

More Willie & Friends/Family

img_2407.jpg (42735 bytes)

This is what regular flossing will do for you. Bill Mack, Denny Fernald, and Sweet Cindy (Bill's wife and radio partner).

dscf0102.jpg (45368 bytes)

Bill Jr., Bill Mack's son, and his wife April.


dscf0075.jpg (53982 bytes)

Steve Gilcrest driving from one crisis to another; maybe he needs a fire truck.

dscf0028.jpg (53561 bytes)

Trucker friends from Wisconsin, but not Lake Nebagamon.

dscf0101.jpg (41727 bytes)

Bill Jr. & Ben Taylor

at Hank's Place

dscf0092.jpg (34990 bytes)

Pancho & Lefty waiting for fuel, BioDiesel of course.

dscf0040.jpg (64520 bytes)

Ricky & Cheri Jones with Jay Jones.

dscf0095.jpg (44101 bytes)

Bill & Denny Fernald at Hank's Place.

dscf0086.jpg (44758 bytes)

Another Cowboy trucker taking a pit stop at Carl's.

2441.jpg (19534 bytes)

Bill Mack Talks about truck driving and broadcasting.

dscf0001.jpg (57895 bytes)

Fast talk and a neck massage won't catch these Cowgirls.

dscf0081.jpg (57319 bytes)

Crowded in Carl's.


img_2402.jpg (42168 bytes)

Bill Mack, Denny Fernald and Miss Cindy

still having fun, even in the heat.

dscf0103.jpg (45677 bytes)

Texas Red & Ben the Red hanging out at Hank's (Williams) Place.

dscf0112.jpg (34686 bytes)

Bio Jima 1


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